With our software services and solutions catering to crucial domains like Aerospace, Transportation, Banking, Geospatial Information Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Industrial and Energy, it is not surprising that quality ”“ whether it is at the organizational level or ingrained in our products and services ”“ has been a key focus for NeST IT. Impairments in software can range from a sub-optimal or non-responsive User Interface that might impact only the usability of the application to critical programming errors that can result in high-impact business disruptions due to corrupted data, application outages, security breaches, and performance issues. At the development stage, poor quality can lead to cost and schedule over-runs, besides reflecting poorly on the company”™s brand image. Thus, relegating quality in process, systems, standards and practices to the side-lines can adversely impact both the risk and cost factors associated with a software project and affect the organization”™s bottom-line and reputation ”“ a realization that has guided NeST IT to adopt a pro-active approach to incorporating sterling quality management practices into all the organizational activities.

At NeST IT, the Quality Assurance Group has been tasked with the onerous responsibility of defining, continually improving, monitoring and maintaining high standards of quality, through a combination of qualitative and quantitative techniques of Quality Assurance (QA) practices.

NeST IT”™s commitment to excellence in quality in deliveries to customers is reflected in our well-defined Quality Management System (QMS) that is certified as compliant to ISO 9001:2015 and assessed at CMMI Dev 2.0 ML 5 and Information Security Management System (ISMS) that is compliant to ISO 27001:2013, bearing testimony that our procedures and practices bench-mark favorably with the international best-in-class.

Core Competencies

The QAG team primarily focuses on internal quality assurance activities in NeST IT. QAG manages the processes and procedures for organizational activities and assist to maintain the quality in every aspect of organizational functioning. NeST IT employs a wide range of highly experienced consultants and trainers, all with unparalleled skill in the area of CMMI, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 26262, ISO 13485, TL 9000, AS9100D etc. to look after Quality Assurance.

Throughout the product development stage, we ensure that our quality services and advanced technology skills to work for our customers. The quality assurance team ensures that the quality management process defined by the Quality Management System is implemented in every project through auditing methodologies and compliance to requirements demanded by the customer are ensured. In addition to this, services of our QA professionals are made available to other software and related companies too.

Consulting and Training Services