Each enterprise has a unique DNA, belongs to a different phase of the organizational life-cycle, has a different set of stake-holders and publics to deal with and may be following a differentiated strategy to reach its own set of goals.

Naturally, each enterprise has its own unique set of business requirements and pain-points that might need to be addressed. The enterprise may itself be aware of some or most of these; but again, changes in technology, customer preferences and business practices are so rapid that an enterprise may also not, necessarily be aware of what it seriously lacks.

NeST IT”™s unique philosophy – Solutions First!!! ”“ differentiates us from the others. Right from the initial phase of consulting-centric customer needs assessment, analysis, bench-marking and re-engineering, through solution conceptualization and slick project implementation, finally concluding with the accomplishment of the simple, yet over-arching objective of exceeding customer expectations ”“ every single task is geared to deliver a custom-crafted solution, through bespoke development, package implementation, production support, process outsourcing, business transformation or hosted/ managed services provisioning.

Thousands of man-years have been sunk by NeST IT in acquiring our current level of domain & technology expertise, building a mature process frame-work and nurturing a motivated team of professionals. The results are there to see ”“ IP, reusable code-base, niche products and solution accelerators that shrink the delivery cycle and cost dramatically for our customers. Strategic partnerships and lifecycle management services that reduce TCO. Optimized delivery models and flexible pricing options that go beyond hype and add value to customer”™s bottom-line.

Every customer gets a differentiated value proposition ”“ whether it is deployment of an On-premises Core Banking Solution handed over to a medium-sized Bank with a mature IT team, or a Hospital Information Management System deployed on a turnkey basis for a start-up tertiary care institution with on-going maintenance and operational support, or custom development of an Open Source business accounting software for a Non-Banking Financial Company with unique business processes, 400 branches and the need for off-line processing, or production support, enhancement, re-engineering and migration of legacy proprietary policy administration system for an Insurance company who needs a calibrated transition, or GIS data development and conversion outsourcing from an engineering company to capitalize on the time-zone and cost advantages, or Flight Data Recorder data read-out and analysis for non-scheduled airlines to meet with regulatory compliance. The list is endless, of missions successfully accomplished leading to customer satisfaction.

As NeST IT helps each customer to grow, the buzz in the market-place brings in still more customers. With more unique requirements, more pain points needing our attention. We may need to learn new technologies, gain expertise in new domains and communicate with customers speaking different languages. But, at NeST IT, the one change-less factor shall remain our single-minded commitment to our philosophy ”“ Solutions First!!!

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