In 2014, International Air Travel Association (IATA) estimated that civil aviation alone had ferried around 3 billion passengers, accounting for roughly 40% of the world population, through 100,000 flights daily world-wide, employing 58 million people and accounting for US $ 2.4 trillion in economic activity -figures that endorse the robust nature of the industry. However, the recent spate of accidents involving the disappearance, shooting down and deliberate crashing of passenger aircrafts have been a rude awakening for airlines, governments and manufacturers alike forcing them to revisit the safety standards and systems on-board as well as off-board the crafts in addition to the operational efficiency aspect.

NeST Aerospace has been in the area of avionics for the last two decades and is a pioneer in Flight Data Analysis and Aircraft Performance and Operational efficiency enhancement solutions. We offer Flight Data Analysis and aircraft sensor calibration services for scheduled as well as non-scheduled operators in the Asia Pacific region. We also offer customized software development and product development services for the worldwide aerospace industry.

Our Airline operational efficiency improvement software which is integrated with the engine trend monitoring (ECM) solutions like SAGE and Aircraft performance monitoring (APM) solutions from Airbus & Boeing, provide data analytics to identify ways to improve efficiency, reduce operating costs and increase aircraft utilization from the FDR dump. Our fuel efficiency improvement solution remain to be one of the major cost saving options for major Air lines like Jet Airways in Asia Pacific region.

Our Flight Data Monitoring solution for flight test instrumentation is used by major Helicopter and Aircraft design houses in India to analyze the Flight Test data received at the telemetry ground stations and to compare the fleet performance with that of the aircraft subsystem design.

NeST Aerospace operates through the three software development centers and works closely with the R&D and manufacturing facilities of sister company, SFO Technologies located at major cities in South India, besides through front-end offices in most continents. The Aerospace team is also backed by the international quality standard – AS9100- that SFO Technologies enjoys, in addition to the coveted credentials of NeST IT.

All stake-holders in the aviation eco-system – from flying airplanes to the bustling airports, air traffic control, engine and frame manufacturers and even IATA churns out huge quantities of data. Safety, economy and efficiency of operations depend on the insights which only effective data analytics can provide.

With our comprehensive experience, unique blend of offerings and expertise, NeST Aerospace team is geared to service all components in the aviation value-chain, including system developers, manufacturers, scheduled and non-scheduled operators and travel industry.

Core Competence

For close to two decades, our Aerospace team has been developing products and solutions that address various needs of airline operators, relating to economy, safety and regulatory compliance. We are approved by DGCA for conducting flight data analysis as per their norms. From providing proven FDM / FOQA software services and software & flight safety solutions for the Aerospace industry, we help our customers sustain competitive advantage, drive long-term ROI, stay customer-oriented and deliver innovative, quality products within time and budget, while reducing product development costs and IT overheads.

NeST Aerospace suit of products cater to the following major functions:

  • Aircraft operating optimization through engine and airframe performance monitoring
  • Flight Data Recorder (FDR) /Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) Data Processing (product and services)
  • Support for preventive maintenance
  • Detection of impending failures through data analytics to keep subsequent damage to a minimum
  • Support for comprehensive a/c behavior analysis based on recorded aircraft data
  • Flight Instrumentation testing
  • Data Analysis and recording of data for the Engine and other subsystem Life Time Monitoring Systems.
FDM/FOQA Services
Complementary Competencies of Group Company – SFO Technologies