After the 2008 economic meltdown and its inevitable shake-out across the global financial markets, banking organizations world-wide have been forced to operate in an unenviable environment –  with closer scrutiny and oversight from central bank’s ever changing and increasingly complex regulatory and prudential requirements, consistent pressure on  bottom-lines as well as the proliferation of technology-enabled alternate banking and payment channels ensuing in a crowded market with customers spoilt for choice.  The means of customer engagement have also undergone a paradigm shift with the emergence of the digital platforms.

In order to survive and succeed, banks and financial services companies have been compelled to shed their largely brick and mortar image, processes and systems and to adapt and embrace cutting-edge digital technologies.

Over the past decade, NeST- Banking and Financial Services team has been catalyzing this transition, by assisting key players in India and the Middle East in addressing these challenges and staying abreast of changing requirements, technology and best practices to grow their market-share and mind-share.

Core Competence

In the age of the 24 x 7, Any-time, Any-where & Any-Device Banking, NeST Banking & Financial services practice team specializes in providing end-to-end, mission-critical solutions to leading institutions in the space right from creating the IT back-bone viz. the Core Banking Solution, to automating bank-specific processes through custom software applications, to ensuring stringent compliance to regulatory requirements through robust software products, to digital enablement of their operations through the use of cloud, mobile and analytics. This broad spectrum of offerings hinges on a deep domain expertise and intimate knowledge of processes, right from the basic Maker-Checker workflows through all the regulator-mandated requirements common across geographies like KYC, AML, FATCA and other jurisdiction-specific ones like Wages Protection System, to advanced application integration techniques, including using middleware.

Core Banking Solution
Plug-in Application Development and Management
Application Integration Expertise
Software Products