Digital technologies –  Mobile, Analytics, Cloud, Robotics, Automation & IOE (Internet of Everything) – are disrupting businesses as we know it. Innovative cloud deployments help enterprises cut down on capex and opex on IT spends, while BYOD (Bring your own device) policies are empowering the workforce as well as posing new challenges to enterprise information security. Social media provides a platform for consumers to vent their views and frustrations and corporates need to capitalize on analytics tools to crunch the Big Data  and understand consumer sentiment, aspirations and desires to fashion new product and marketing strategies. Process automation is taken to a new high through robotics and IOE – whether it is for automating assembly line operations in manufacturing, creation of an intelligent supply chain management system or optimizing energy management across the enterprise facilities.

Many consider digital technologies to be a threat for existing enterprises – typical example being upstart e-commerce and m-commerce players challenging the market dominance, mind-share and even market capitalization of established retail chains.

However, at NeST IT, we believe digital technologies offer an unparalleled opportunity for all categories of businesses – banks, Insurance providers, retail, airlines, manufacturers or even Government –   to re-craft their business strategy. In our digital solutions – whether it is something as simple as designing a user-friendly appointment-booking  mobile app for a hospital or developing, hosting and maintaining a full-fledged, cloud-based nation-wide GIS-enabled Bridge Information System for a Federal agency with corresponding cross-platform , hybrid mobile apps (both free and paid versions) for use by various categories of stake-holders (contractors, officials, general public) – NeST IT has demonstrated a rare ability to utilize the most cost-effective and mature technology and tools in order to maximize ROI for our customers.

Core Competencies

NeST IT’s digital strategy is quite simple. We craft digital solutions in three steps –Conceptualize and Design, Integrate, Innovate. We Conceptualize and Design digital solutions that cater to the specific requirements of our esteemed customers, then Integrate them with the existing enterprise IT landscape of the customers to create a force-multiplier effect and Innovate by helping customers adapt to emerging business models. Our prime focus is to improve consumer experience, generate new revenue streams, enable Omni channel marketing and optimize process across organization. Integrating an existing CRM application to the social media to engage continuously with one’s consumers, integrating historical and real-time data in order to facilitate predictive analytics in a dynamic environment as in a car race or harnessing the power of IoT to improve asset tracking and management in a large hospital facility are typical use-cases where our expertise can make the difference.

Internet of Everything