Energy and Industrial team of NeST IT focuses on providing software development services for customers in the domains such as renewable energy, oil & gas, power & water and industrial automation. We provide solutions across a wide spectrum of technology; from software design and development to system integration and testing. The vertically integrated workforce of our sister company, SFO Technologies Pvt Ltd enables us to provide services not just in software but also in other areas like conceptualization and industrial design to prototyping and large volume manufacturing in the case of solutions involving hardware components. Thus NeST IT provides one stop solution for all customer technology needs from complex software / cloud solutions to embedded & hardware solutions, covering entire spectrum of technology expertise
Our Energy and Industrial software expertise spans genres including embedded systems development, cloud solution development services, data modelling, analytics and IoT solutions. We have built up a formidable reputation among Energy and Industrial OEMs as well as utilities through the efficient delivery of innovative & complex product solutions for the past 21 years.

Key Offerings ”“ true one stop shop technology provider

  • Software/ cloud solution development services
    • Smart-grid/ smart-city solutions
      • Smart metering/ AMI
      • Energy management
      • Asset Management
      • Outage management
      • Peak load management
    • SCADA
      • Real-time monitoring solutions
      • Industrial automation/ Industry 4.0
      • Alarm management
      • HMI
      • Data acquisition systems/ protocols
  • Data modelling/ analytics
    • Data warehousing
    • Big-data modeling
    • Predictive Modelling
    • Machine Learning
  • Internet of Things
    • Software platforms for Sensors & Gateways
    • Middleware
    • Application Layer
    • Security
    • Analytics
    • Mobility interface
  • Embedded systems development
    • RTOS/ system software
    • Middleware/ protocol stack
    • Applications

Core Competence

The wealth of experience in this domain can be gauged by the sheer diversity of products and solutions delivered to our clients. These include:

  • SCADA software solutions
  • Big-Data analytics & cloud computing
  • Embedded firmware for various types of Industrial products such as fuel dispensers, cash processing equipment, PLCs, controllers, Power supplies, Flow meters / transmitters PoS systems, Security systems, Elevators etc.
  • Software for ATMs and Cash dispensers
  • Smart/ IoT devices such as smart meters and transmitters
  • Manufacturing automation software