A single-minded commitment to Information Security management and IP protection, with not a single case of violation over the last two decades, boosts the confidence of our customers in entrusting NeST with their sensitive data, confidential insights into processes and even access to remote servers and mainframes through secure VPN and VDI.

High Customer Retention Ratio (95% +) stemming from NeST”™s commitment to exceeding customer expectations, whether stated or implied.

For a company that is barely 17, 30% of customer engagements have lasted over a decade and 80% are over 5 years running.

50% of new customers are replacing existing vendors with NeST on account of our proven and reliable products, services and after-sales support.


Right mix of vertical, horizontal and technology competence to service a wide spectrum of clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies, SMBs and start-ups.

NeST Group provides integrated expertise across IT, business solutions, product engineering & manufacturing, infrastructure and training from its various units in a seamless delivery that reduces engagement overheads and management head-aches for our customer.


Custom-crafted solutions built from combinations of IT, Process, People and Turnkey building blocks to ramp up customer”™s ROI

Deft blending of traditional application, infrastructure and process services and new-age SMAC technologies to deliver differentiated solutions.

Leveraging on time-zone-aligned multiple shifts, innovative delivery models and bench-free operations to maximize value to our customers.


Values of innovation, ethical governance, Corporate Social Responsibility and a commitment to partnering and building the customer”™s accelerated growth inherited from our parent, the $ 200M NeST Group.

Process framework complying to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001 standards and assessed at CMMI-Dev V1.3 ML3 ensure mature enterprise-wide practices comparable to Tier I.


Lean team size, heightened customer focus and high degree of responsiveness that put even start-ups to shame.

Adoption of RAD tools, automation and Agile project management practices make for competitive, rapid go-to-market for our discerning customers.