We will get through this together

Group 176

NeST’s commitment in ensuring business continuity to our customers during the Covid-19 outbreak

The global Covid-19 crisis has created unprecedented challenges and is impacting everyone around the world and every aspect of our daily lives: our personal lives, our social interactions, how we work and most importantly, how business is conducted and the resultant effect on the economy.

We understand that, now more than ever, is the time to ensure our customers are provided with uninterrupted support, so that customer operations continue efficiently and seamlessly, so as to tide over and meet the unique and hitherto unprecedented demands arising out of this extraordinary situation.

Thanks to our rugged business continuity processes and policies, NeST was able to quickly roll out a 100% remote work infrastructure as soon as the Covid-19 was unfolding to a global pandemic.

The feedback we  have been receiving from our customers is heart-warming to say the least.  They are quite pleased at the way we have maintained service levels and quality of deliveries, in spite of the disruption to normal life.  We believe this stands testimony to the NeST culture of placing customer interests at its pinnacle and showcases the strength of our systems, processes, infrastructure and people.

Our Business Continuity Plan is built on the following pillars:

  • Crisis Management and Response policies  that are specific to Covid-19 Crisis
  • Factual and effective communication to customers
  • Adherence to government policies to minimize the risk of business disruption

Giving back to society: contributing to the global fight against the pandemic leveraging our expertise through innovative technology

  • NeST team helped healthcare OEMs to develop and manufacture critical life-saving equipment including ventilators.
  •– a live dashboard to track and monitor corona infections is, rather “Corporate Social Innovation” by NeST. This live and interactive dashboard presents accurate data about Covid-19 infections in different regions and their current status.

Supporting our employees by ensuring theirs and their families’ safety

Our priority during the current times has been to steadfastly ensure the health, safety and welfare of our employees, customers and our partners. The Human Resources team at NeST, right from the initial days of the outbreak has kept a constant watch on the various developments of the outbreak and has been constantly evaluating the gravity of the situation. Below are some of the key measures we adopted at an organizational level to help all of us tide over the crisis:

  • Awareness sessions by medical experts on precautions to be followed during outbreak.
  • Maintained constant channels of communication to both our offshore and onsite employees, by sharing the latest updated guidelines as per WHO advisory and other best practices like precautionary guidelines, workplace guidelines, non-panic guidelines and guidelines to remote team management
  • Issued constant travel advisories to all our employees, with provisions to work from home. Staying abreast of and diligently adhering to the WHO guidelines to prevent the spread of the pandemic. We are also in touch with the local authorities and working in tandem with them


Finally, we want to assure all our employees that we are with them and we are in this fight together and let us help each other to overcome the turbulent situation

Customer Testimonials

  • CEO of an Engineering major based in the USA : “We appreciate the thoughtfulness at NeST’s side in this difficult situation for taking effective steps to ensure that the services go on, uninterrupted, by minimizing any impact of this pandemic. We, sincerely hope that everybody recovers from the aftereffects of COVID-19 very soon. Let’s try to stay safe and help others as well, to do the same.”
  • Vice President, GIS client : “The transition to the Covid-19 phase seemed to happen seamlessly. Ability to provide continued support as needed, during off hours and uncertain times, is really appreciated.”
  • Engineering Director, US based Industrial Client : “Even if your team is at home/office, we are always receiving immediate response from your team and this is certainly praiseworthy”
  • Project director, major Bank in Middleast : “Received prompt response and never felt any disruption in the Support/service at any time.”